Friday, April 30, 2010


Right up front I'm going to admit to something - I may have lost my mind. Or taken leave of my senses. Take your pick as they are both probably accurate. 

I'm thinking of attempting making slipcovers.

I know. I know. 

I have a sewing machine. It's still in the box it came in when I received it as a Christmas present eight years ago. I know
But I seriously don't sew. 
Or, well, I haven't sewn anything since Home Economics class back in 8th grade. And we aren't going to ruin my Friday by actually saying how many years ago that was...but I will say that our President was Reagan at the time. 
When did I get old? Ok, sorry, I digress. 
My inspiration are the Couture Slipcovers from Ballard Designs.

I'm in love with them.
So simple, fresh, and I adore the simple little ruffle at the bottom. I heart these. I covet them. But they won't fit my existing chairs - well - not as they are. I would have to literally saw off the top 4 inches of chair and cover them in foam, and...well, you get the idea. 

So what if I made my own slipcovers?
I could do it. 
I think. 
I've been researching it and honestly, it doesn't seem that difficult. I know - famous last words - right?
I thought I would make a pattern out of some old muslin I have laying around and then maybe a "test" run slipcover out of some dropcloth fabric - just to see if I can actually do it. Then I'm not out any actual money for my experiment. What do you think? Can I do this? Any seamstresses out there (who aren't laughing at me hysterically) - could you give me any pointers? Is it possible? 
Or do I need to just be committed??? Be honest. I can take it!

Which also leads me to needing to finish the dining room. I need an area rug and I was thinking of getting one from I haven't bought anything like that from them before - anyone out there know anything about Overstock and their quality? I also need to find some new curtain panels. Lots to do still.

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  1. Hi :-)
    New follower! Found you through the Friday Follow~ Love the slip covers! Your very ambitious! I have a sewing machine too~ I can top you on the box life though, it's been there for ten years :( no time to sit down and figure it all out again ( it's been a long while). You can follow me at One Savvy Mom ( ) new reviews/giveaways post daily ~ Have a Wonderful Weekend! ~ Sarah

  2. I am following you from Friday Follow;-)

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