Monday, February 6, 2012

Pantry Re-Organization

After literally YEARS of living with a cluttered, disorganized, and confusing pantry system - where I only knew where about half of what we actually had was located - I decided I had had enough.

I went to Wal-Mart and purchased some airtight locking-lid containers and shelves and set about cleaning out and putting some ORGANIZATION into the pantry!

The top part of my pantry before. Well, sorta before. Because in typical Kathleen fashion - I was so gung ho to start my project - I forgot to take a REAL before picture. So this is after working on it maybe 10 minutes. I had cleaned out the top shelf completely by this point and put my food processor and waffle iron in the back b/c I really don't use either one very often. They freed up NEEDED space for pans and large pots I use on an almost daily basis.Also, you can see how muddled the second shelf is still. So that shelf really is a Before.

This is all the stuff that came out of the top shelf. 

And this is the after.
And a little closer of the second shelf - which is the one I actually access most of the time.

Next was the bottom half of the pantry cabinet. 
Before - I remembered to take a Before picture this time!
Just look at that mess. No wonder when I got in there and organized it I discovered I  had two bottles of mustard stored away. TWO. We won't need mustard for another 2 years. Seriously.


See the mustard down there on the lower shelf? *SMH* Really good example of why everyone needs an organized pantry. 
I've been really pleased with the Re-Do. So far so good. 

Have a great day!