Thursday, April 29, 2010

some trash turned treasure!

I will admit that I have no problem whatsoever snagging something off the side of the road marked "free" OR something clearly waiting on the trash truck. 
In fact, I love finding cool things this way and giving them a second chance. 
It makes me happy. 
Very happy. 
I've had some luck with this over the past couple of weeks too. 

First, I found this in the alley next to the trash and it was marked FREE.
 It was in perfect condition physically - it just needed a little love!
So a bit of sanding, some primer and a coat of Satin Black later and I have this!
Sitting along with this chair were 2 plant stands.
I got to work...
And now I have these!
And lastly - I found this sad little cart...
Again, in good physical condition - still sturdy and the wheels rolled perfectly.
Now it looks like this
And it sits next to our grill to hold extras like plates and tongs and grilling what-nots!

LOVE my freebies!

Oh and 1 more
I found this guy two days ago and haven't had a chance to do much to him yet
I have sanded him down 3 times so far and I still have a lot of work to do.
But that's ok. I've wanted some of these chairs forever. My grandparents had these out on their front porch and I grew up sitting in them. They remind me of laughter, and family, and homemade ice cream. I'm thrilled to have found it!
Will post pics again when I get it done!

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  1. Wow! I can't believe your freebies! You really made them look great! Love them!


  2. You hit the jackpot, girl! I may just have to feature this post on my next Trash Pickin post! I love the metal chair! My Granny had 3 of these sitting on her front porch and I absolutely loved them. I wish I would have snagged them in her estate sale. I'm a LOSER! Great job on the rehabs!

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Kendall I would just die if I ever got featured!