Monday, April 19, 2010

Dining room previews and cat food


Yep, that's what I named this post. Why you ask? They are the two things that have dominated my past week...


Wait - I'll explain.

Ok, so here are some preliminary pictures of the dining room - which is the first thing that was in the forefront of last week for me.

I stress again, preliminary.

The furniture is not moved back into place, there are no window treatments up yet and NOTHING has been hung up in there. Yet. I hope you can get a feel for the color. It really is a chameleon shade. Sometimes it is more green. Sometimes more yellow/gold. Sometimes much more gray. It is Burlap - Sherwin Williams.

Here we go...

This is the wall next to the built in China Cabinet. See - the radio is still sitting there from when we were painting. Must paint to Classic Rock. 

Next to one of the windows. AND some fake window treatments. It is a sheet. I was trying to get a feel for a White window treatment. I liked the feeling I got. A lot. 

Just another shot of the room - the corner between the two large windows. And part of the ceiling. And my $17.99 clearance lamp from Hobby Lobby. hee hee. Love me some clearance stuff - especially when it was originally marked $89.99. 

These are of the other corner of the room. Oh, I love this color so much more than the RED. It isn't YELLING at me anymore. It was angry before. Now it is much more calm. Peaceful. Serene even - even with all the mess. Ok, sorry, I went off on a tangent. I'm back. 
The second shot also has the other China Cabinet in it - the one I want to move to the kitchen and PAINT. I got no responses on that one...maybe the jury is still out. 

Looking out through the Dining room french doors into the living room. You can also see the door leading into the kitchen on the right. And Piper's sippy cup sitting on the table. 

Oh, speaking of Piper....

here she is....with the second thing that dominated my last week

See that? She's getting a handful of cat food. 
I feed her ALL THE TIME real food, yummy food. And every.single.time. she is on the floor anywhere near the kitchen...she makes a BEELINE for the dang cat food. 

And does this

always before I can get to her. I am continually digging cat food out of her mouth. I know. 
I can't even talk about it. Which is why I'm blogging about it I guess. *shaking head*
All I can figure out is that it must be good because she will refuse Banana. But loves this stuff. 

At least she hasn't discovered the litter box. Yet.


  1. LOL, yea you're in trouble if she starts kicking back with her feet! ;-)

    I love the wall color, the white window treatments (good idea to hang a sheet to get a feel for it), and the built in china hutch is to die for! Great room and I can't wait to see it all complete!


  2. Piper is a DOLL! Love the babylegs! Henry is a big supporter of the babylegs movement.

    I ate catfood when I was a kid, and I turned out OK. Well, in my opinion I turned out OK. Guess that might be debatable.

    Love the new dining room color. My guest bathroom is pale green w/ white accents and I love the combo.

    AND I forgot to comment on the china cabinet post... but I say paint it. Paint it with wild abandon!

    ...apparently I had a lot to say today!

  3. Nancy - I'm in so much trouble already it isn't even funny.

    Sarah - awesome. I want to paint it so I appreciate the support. And I LOVE women with lots to say - exactly the sort of women I *get*. :)

    Henry is gorgeous, btw. If Piper had been a boy, Henry was one of my top 3 boy names, along with Owen and Charlie. :)OH - and I made that leftover chicken, pasta, veggies in the fridge thing the other night - b/c of YOU I now keep heavy cream in my refrigerator. I know - right? My ass will have an issue with you in another couple of weeks - but DAMN was that stuff GOOD.

  4. I love the paint color. I have the same color in my kitchen and it has to be the best painted room in the house. I have to disagree with Sarah on the china hutch though. I like the natural wood look, but that's just me. We have natural wood all over my house so I'm bias.

    Don't worry about your daughter eating cat food. It won't hurt her and you're not alone in that one.

  5. Aw, thanks! I think Henry is the bees knees! Do you know how many weird looks I get b/c of his name? When I was preggo I resorted to telling people I was hoping he'd pop out with a top hat and a cane b/c I had a thing for little old men.

    Yummy pasta is delicious! And stuff made with cream is delicious! Even though I hate that word! Cream... ::shudder:: You can work off those extra calories chasing Piper down as she goes for the cat food. See? I have a solution for EVERYTHING! :)

  6. Love the new color! It really complements your woodwork nicely. Those sheets turned curtains are great! I want to try that project too.

    As for Pip and the catfood, I think I ate alot of dog food as a kid and managed to turn out okay. This will be great blackmail material when she's a teenager!