Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Dining Room is Painted!

*happy dance*

It took us about 5 hrs total yesterday and 2 coats - but IT IS DONE!


And I LURVE it! LOVE LOVE LOVE the color! It is so much more relaxing in there now! No more RED yelling at me...just a nice, relaxing, chameleon green/gray/gold color that I find soothing and understated and pretty.

I'll post pics soon if I can get the camera to take a good shot of it (the lighting today is all wrong because it's raining and cloudy and the light is gray and flat) AND I'm out of batteries so the camera is not working right now - DOH!

Anyways - off to Walmart in a bit to do the grocery shopping for the next two weeks and I'll try and get some shots of the new color when I get back.

I've got the Pioneer Woman's pot roast in the oven. I know you know the Pioneer Woman. You do, right??? Everyone knows her in blog land. But if you don't - you MUST get to know her right now. Go here. And then go to her cooking section and make everything in there. I'm serious. Just do it and ask no more questions. You and everyone you feed will thank you and me and the Pioneer Woman for doing it - all at once.

I also have a bizillion loads of laundry to get done today and a baby girl who had a temp of 103.2 at 4:30 this, uh, now that I'm really thinking about it, maybe those pics won't show up until tomorrow!!!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.


  1. Can't wait to see the pics! I'm sure it looks great!


  2. Dooood! I just finished eating PW's pot roast! It was all nasty and raining this morning, so I got up and made her pot roast. Deeeeelish! :)

  3. OMG - I know - isn't it the best thing you've ever eaten???? I made it with red wine AND the beef broth and I also threw in some fresh rosemary from my garden and thyme and some worhestishire (however u spell it)sauce - omg...AND I made her creamy mashed potatoes...NO ONE in my family said a word during dinner (and we are some chatty folks) b/c they were so busy shoveling food in their mouths....*drool*

    It.was.amazing. AND stupid easy. My kinda food!!

    Girls, I need some help on the post before this one - do I paint that cabinet or not????HELP! PLEASE!