Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I love the smell

of a newly painted room. Don't you? Is it just me? Nah, I think there's more peeps like me out there. I like that it says new to me. I also like that it is filled with possibility. It is a room that is about to be something more.

And that is just way cool.

So my dining room isn't actually painted yet. But it IS finally, completely, primed. The red...it is gone.

Buh Bye.

And that is really OK with me. You know you have made the right choice when you walk into the room and it just has the gray primer on the walls and it already feels better.

I even like the gray primer on the walls - how's that for funny? It is already so much calmer and soothing in there to me. Well....it's calmer if I'm ignoring the clutter and the mess and all the furniture scooched around and out of place. And I am doing that - I'm totally ignoring that for right now.

I'm hoping that we'll get it painted by this weekend. But if not - then hopefully by the end of next week.

I primed that entire room by my little ol'self. And while that is not such a big deal...it becomes a big deal when you remember that I'm doing all that while dealing with a 10 month old crawling baby girl AND a 3 yr old who wants desperately to "help mama paint!" The whole priming thing didn't go as fast as I would have liked. I had to go most of it in 30 minute or 1 hr intervals - read while the short people were napping. BUT I finished it today.

some pics of the process

I had just started priming

That is the end of the Red room.

I'm thrilled and relieved. Now I have to start thinking about the slipcovers, the rug, and the window treatments...

OH and I used Sherwin Williams Multi-Purpose Laxtex primer. It only took a little more than half a gallon, 1 coat and it covered that BRIGHT red totally. That stuff ROCKS. I highly recommend it!!!!

More to come on the Redo soooooon!

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