Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letter and Picture Wall

For some time now I've been working on the large wall in our hallway. I had several pictures of our family hung up there but it just wasn't right. You know that feeling - right? It's ok...but just not quite right - yet. 

Well, I saw this post over at Finesse Your Nest and I loved what she did with the letters on the wall of her staircase. I thought it was unique and inspired. So, as all fans will do, I copied the idea drew inspiration from her wall and added the letters in with our family photos. The pictures on that wall were already only in black and white. All the frames are black and at least half were purchased at Goodwill or a thrift store and started out life another color all together - so I spray painted them black. 

I tried to take the pictures without a flash but...there is just not enough light in the hallway because we have an old house and the husband is rewiring the hallway right now. 

That is where the hall light is supposed to be and will be...hopefully...soon.

Anyway - then I picked up the different letters of our names when I saw them on clearance and such and spray painted most of them black and a couple of them Heirloom White - just to break up all the black.

Pics with the flash on

And yes...the dog crate is in the hallway because we don't have any other place to put it just yet....so I incorporated it into the decorating...

And I put a Family sign on it. heehee...you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes - right?

So the next project I'm working on starting today is the kitchen island. It is really a microwave cart and I've been using it as an island. I bought it 10 years ago at a garage sale for $25 and it is by Ethan Allen. It's worked really well but it's stark white. And it needs to be a different color. So I'm thinking I'm gonna paint it black...or maybe a dark espresso color and then sand the edges...

here is a quick before pic....

more to come on this later in the week...hopefully!

I'm linking up with the Talented Tuesday blog party over at My Frugal Family!


  1. I love the hallway!!! I love me some picture frames and painted letters! If I did that I could spell out CASH with our initials. Ha! And here's our wishful thinking wall....

  2. That hall looks great! I love the initials. They are my new fave thing. I need to get some!


  3. Man, where have I been? I'm just catching up with all your posts. The frame & letter wall looks great!! Thanks for the shout-out.