Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm still a little freaked out

So let me preface this by saying that it is entirely possible that I maybe just watch waaaaaayyyyy too much Supernatural. But have you SEEN this show? Have you SEEN the 2 stars of the show? No? Look.

See them? SEE how yummy?

Now, look at him. His name is Jensen Ackles

  Dean on the show.

 And just because...he is shirtless...

And this is Jared Padalecki

Sam on the show.

And because I am an equal opportunity is Jared shirtless...

Now - you feeling me? You see one of the reasons I watch? Well, that and it IS a really good show with cool story lines, a good sense of humor - even with itself - a cool car and great music. And the 2 stars are also, clearly, way hot.

Ok, so enough man candy. I digress.

Back to what I'm writing. Back story - k? Stay with me.
We are an "open door" kinda house. All doors in our home stay open - even bathroom doors - except if someone is IN the bathroom, unless Max slams his door because he is having a tantrum (and even then I usually go and OPEN it and tell him that is NOT ok), or if the hubby and I are um, er, busy, we shut the door but open it back up after. K? Get it. Doors open. 

So I noticed...maybe mid-February that doors were shut - especially in the hallway across from the basement door - which would include the hall bathroom door and Max's door. Those doors were shut - a lot. To the point that I would walk by and open the door to the bathroom and 10 minutes later walk down the hall and the dang bathroom door would be CLOSED again. It's odd and I keep thinking WHO IS SHUTTING THE DOORS? My assumption was that one of the kids was closing doors in the house - who knows for what reason.

So yesterday Max was standing in the bathroom waiting for me because he had had a poop accident and was waiting on me to get in there to change him and clean him up. I came down the hall and I heard him talking. Talking normally just like he was having a conversation with someone. I got to the bathroom and he was standing behind the door and I said, "What were you saying baby - I didn't hear you." 
And he says, "It's ok mama, I wasn't talking to you - I was talking to the man."


I said, "What man, Max?"

He says, "The man who shuts the doors mama."


I said, "OK. What man baby?"

He said, "The man who shuts the doors mama. He doesn't like the doors open. He closes them. It makes him upset when they are open."

I said, "Ok. Who is this man - do you know him?"

He said,"Yes. He lives in the basement. His name is Tramp."
-It is important to note here that my son has never seen Lady and the Tramp, and to my knowledge, has never heard that word used - especially used as a name. So more weirdness-

And Max was VERY matter-of-fact about all of it - not scared or freaked out - just telling me about something that was seemingly normal and not a big deal to him.

I, on the other hand, was and am freaked - although I didn't let him know that.

I just said, "oh, ok."

I have no clue who this guy could be. And I truly have no problem sharing our home with previous tenants - HOWEVER - they need to leave my kids alone. I'm not down with that. If this shit continues I'll be forced to do something. Not sure what exactly yet - but I'll find away to *evict* him.

nuff said.


  1. he's hot

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  2. Thanks and welcome! Have a look around! Off to check out your blog too. :)

  3. My sister was always talking to "imaginary" kids who were her friends at about your son's age. My mother felt that they were friendly. Maybe they were family members that had died at a young age. I was freaked out at about 10 years old about the whole thing!!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog this weekend!

  4. I've never seen it. I honestly didn't think it would last this long, but people love it. And I'll always remember Jared from his days as Dean on Gilmore Girls.

    Welcome to SITS. We're happy to have you.