Sunday, May 2, 2010

Area Rugs

It is time to buy a large area rug for the dining room.

I've been looking several places and have my choices narrowed down. The front runners are all at 
I've never ordered anything like this from them - only bed linens. 
I'm a bit nervous. 
But you can't beat the $2 shipping - especially on something as large and bulky as a 6'X9' rug. 

So I'm wondering if anyone out there has ever ordered anything large like a rug or furniture from How'd it work out for you? Were you happy with your purchase? Were the colors true to the picture? Because that is my biggest concern - that I'll love it on my computer screen and it will get here and instead of being soft and understated - it will be graphic and bright. Or the colors will be primary rather than muted. Ah well - maybe it's time to face my fears - right?

Yesterday we spent all day outside. We went to Brickfest - a little yearly festival here in our town. Then we came home and worked in the backyard gardens. 
Yesterday I planted
Lemon Thyme
(these were in addition to the regular Thyme, Dill, Rosemary, Basil, and Cilantro I already have going)

I planted
Yellow Squash
(I already have my tomatoes in the ground)

I planted 
6 large pots of flowers in the back on the patio
3 for the front porch
and 2 hanging baskets for the back (I fill them full of flowers and hang them from our trees in the backyard)

I had the best fun doing it. 

Now I have to finish the front flower beds and transplant some things. Oh and 1 more flower bed in the backyard that is around the base of our large Sycamore tree. I'm transplanting a TON of Irises in there and adding 2 more Hostas. Should be a busy day. 


  1. Hey Kath -- I bought the contemporary white plastic chairs that live in my breakfast room from They arrived in about a week. They were packaged beautifully and shipping was free. If you find something there, I say go for it! I had no problems with them and you can usually find some pretty good deals!

  2. Hey Kathleen! Thanks so much for the lovely comments on my dining room curtains today! I wanted to let you know I got 2 chairs off of Overstock for my birthday last year. They came quickly and the colors were very true to the photo. You're right that you can't beat that shipping deal... the only hassle was when I decided I wanted different chairs in my living room (just went with different colors) they were pricey to return! Hope that helps - good luck with your rug :)
    - Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont