Thursday, May 20, 2010

What are you waiting for?

Seriously - what are YOU waiting for?

For most of my life, I had things I wanted to do, accomplish, see, buy, make, etc, etc, etc...
Sound familiar? I always had plans to do or get or whatever these things...some day...

Last summer I had my third child, my little girl, and woke up the next week with Bell's Palsy.
Half my face was gone. It didn't work. I could no longer smile. I could no longer blink. I couldn't speak well. Eating was a challenge and I wouldn't drink anything in front of anyone else because much of what I put in my mouth would fall out the paralyzed side. It was embarrassing. Humiliating. Frustrating. Heart rending.

Until a couple of weeks later when they sent me for a routine brain MRI (standard protocol for Bell's patients). They called me to tell me they saw a brain tumor - unrelated to the Bell's. Three MRI's later and they had found a total of 3 tumors; 2 in the brain - both benign, and 1 behind my right eye. None related to the Bell's. The benign tumors in my brain still have to be watched b/c if and when they begin to cause problems (if they keep growing) then they have to come out. In 2 separate brain surgeries. The one behind my eye - they aren't sure if it is benign or not yet. They have to keep monitoring it. Best case scenario is that I just go blind in that eye. Slowly. Worst case is that it is malignant, grows aggressively, and will have to be removed - along with my right eye.

All of a sudden the Bell's wasn't so awful.

Just so you know, I am 37. I am healthy. I don't take any pills for anything other than a multi-vitamin. I am 106 pounds. We eat healthy. We are active. I don't smoke.
By all reason none of this should be happening to me. I never saw this coming - not in my wildest dreams.

But it still happened to me.

There is still a TON of this stuff that is unknown. The doctors simply can't tell me exactly how any of this will play out.

Here's what I want anyone who is actually still reading this to take away - stop waiting on tomorrow.

Seriously. Stop waiting. GO DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO. Tomorrow may not come or if it does it may not arrive like you thought it would. Stop waiting on some day.

Make your life like you want it NOW. Live your life. Live it now. Please don't wait.

Enjoy it. Live it. Appreciate it. Notice the small things. SMILE. Show gratitude. Be mindful. Be humble. 

And don't take a second of it for granted.

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  1. Thanks for giving me something to think about. You're so right. Today is the day to do things. Maybe others can learn something from your experience. I do hope the best for you with your health issues.