Sunday, May 30, 2010

I'm back and busy

Well, we made it through the whole Dallas and 7am flight thing. It was an experience. Not all of it good. I wrote about some of that over on my other blog. If you care to read it - check it out over there. I don't want to write any of that unpleasantness in here. 

Anyway - we are home and I am BUSY!

I went to Ace Hardware this weekend for their big Memorial Day sale and bought 2 of those $25 Adirondack chairs. They are awesome for the money. BUT they are raw, natural wood. So my big holiday weekend project is that I'm staining them (and their bizilion pieces) a dark walnut color. Then I'll poly them. Then after they are fully dried we'll put them together. When all of that is done I'll do a reveal post! I'm starting to get excited about our back patio space!!!

In the meantime though I'm going to give you a teaser of another project I just finished. I just have to get it hung up and I'll do a whole post about it. 
So for now here is something to tied you over

It is a hanging quilt rack I got at my Fav thrift store for $5. Except I don't need a hanging quilt rack.

Just a tease of what it is becoming!

Hope everyone is having a fun and SAFE holiday weekend! 
Wear Sunscreen!!!

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