Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Front Porch Flower Pots

I've been working on our front porch a little here and a little there.
Truthfully, the actual PORCH needs to be resurfaced and I'm currently researching that because, frankly, I don't want them to have to rip the thing off and re-pour it. Can you say headache? And expensive? And HUGE project?
I'm in denial.
So I'm looking into things for crack repair...and inexpensive ways to cover the ugly cement. 
In the meantime though, back to the flower pots. 
In an effort to minimize the ugliness of the cement and the cracks - I've been sprucing up the existing area to attempt to make what I have a bit prettier. 
Husband again - insists - I'm in denial...and something about trying to make a sow's ear into a silk purse....
I maintain that I can't help myself. 

The space is not done so I don't want to show you all of it.
So here are some teasers...

I decided to paint my 2 flower pots that sit on our porch steps. I got the idea from Miss Kimm over at Reinvented.
I was smitten with her front porch flower pots. So much so that I copied got completely inspired by them and had to make my own.

Here they are before
Plain ol'pots. They already had my geraniums in them and they aren't even real terracotta - they are the plastic look alikes.
I brought them into the backyard and put a plastic bag over the flowers. Then I spray painted the plastic pots with some flat black spray paint. I let it dry and gave it another coat. Let that dry about 2 hrs.
Then I spounced on some large white polka dots randomly. I just used some white outdoor paint that we already had. Let that dry another 2 hrs.Then I sprayed on some poly to seal them.
And this is what I got!

I think it's awful cute!
I've already have 3 different ladies stop and ask me where I bought them! 
Ok, like I said, ignore the ugly cement. Hopefully we'll get to that soon.
Oh and I think I may paint our front door black. What do you think?
I have this whole black and white thing working on our front porch area.

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  1. Very cute! Love them! I may have to do this to mine, I would have never thought to paint the plastic ones like that! Thank you for sharing. =)

  2. Oh my gracious! I am in love with the pots!! Polka dots are my most favorite pattern in the whole world. Truly, my FAVE! I have to make some of those!! Sooo cute!!!

    I love a black door!! I am thinking maybe just add in one more color though. I always go straight to red. Someone suggested aqua for me. I think that would look good on yours too. Really, with black and white, you could bring in ANY color for just a punch. Maybe a pillow or something in a great color/pattern.

    Your geraniums are gorgeous! I kill plants! I have a black thumb.

    I can't wait to see what you do!