Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I am alive

I know I dropped off the face of the Earth for the last week - sorry about that. Last week was a rough one from a mom perspective - then we had a garage sale and Mother's day (which was wonderful, btw).

And then a zillion tornadoes yesterday afternoon/evening. Cuh-razy.
This was 24 miles north of us.
The next two are pictures from a totally different tornado yesterday - this one was further away - north and west of us - maybe 50 miles away.
And some pictures of the hail that fell yesterday.

We had power on and off yesterday evening but we were lucky. Everything missed us. They are telling us we are in for another bumpy afternoon and evening today though.

In happier news -
I ordered new curtain panels and a rug for the dining room. Both have arrived and are in place. 

I'm thrilled. It looks nice. I finally feel like I have a real, true, grown-up room! I have almost everything in place for a *reveal* post! Almost. 

Now I am fixated on mirrored candle sconces. *sigh* It's what I want to go on either side of a large window in my dining room. I want them to be substantial - maybe close to 24" long - mirrored - and I want them to hold tapers. I know what I want. Now the trick is actually finding it. Well, finding it for a reasonable amount of money. I can find it for upwards of $150 EACH. Uh, no. So I'm looking for those. Once I get them I'll do a "reveal" shot. I just want it p.e.r.f.e.c.t. first. 

In other news I ordered the BEST and CUTEST Father's Day gift for the husband yesterday. I'm going to gush about that more later today. This is just a teaser - but you MUST visit this girl's ETSY shop. Seriously. And once you see what I ordered and what she is CUSTOM making for me - you will want one too. I promise!

So I'll post again in a bit. Right now I have to get my crockpot Lasagna going and this dirty house CLEANED.

I have some chalkboard projects I need to post as well! Stay tuned....

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