Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A little something from Max to brighten your day...


Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. You have 2 blogs?! Dang girl! Love the name! Max is so cute. Pierce went through a phase at about 4 where he made this same face ALL THE everyone, including little old ladies. Yeah, I got Mom of the Year that year!

    Hey thanks for the tip on Hancocks. I haven't been over there in a while. Will have to go tomorrow!

  2. Hi,
    I miss the days when my kids were that little! He's a sweetie! I bet you have fun with your kids. Have a good evening!


  3. Nancy - TY - he is a mess but a sweet one...sometimes. ;) And yes, most of the time I have a blast with them.

    Kendall - yep, over-achiever that I am, I do have 2 blogs. I just wanted or thought it best to separate them - one for all my thoughts and personal stuff while I'm going through the Bell's palsy and the tumor-related medical things...and another one that is just for happy things - a place where I can go and pretend to just be a mom at home with 3 kids. Rather than a mom with three kids but with half a face and 3 brain tumors and possibly going blind in one of her eyes...that is a lot of baggage and sometimes I just need to forget - does that make sense? :) Glad you are here and reading them both! Girl - I scored some serious stuff at Goodwill today. If it ever warms up enough I will be a spray-painting fool!!!