Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chocolate and Kisses and Fun Stuff

Yes, it's Valentines Day. I really don't do this "holiday" much just because I think it's a fake holiday designed to sell overpriced chocolates and junk we don't actually need. But, the sentiment behind the day is a nice one. A day that revolves around love *is* a good idea - commercialism be damned. Anyway I got the boys a couple of small-ish candy hearts and suckers and the hubby got a couple of items.

That was really it around here as I've been fighting off getting sick again and we were gone to a birthday party here all day yesterday. That wiped me smooth out. Seriously. That museum is awesome and a ton of fun but trying to keep up with 2 kids and dealing with a baby will make you need to take to your bed and sleep for 14 hours.

Something really cool happened while we were there yesterday. We went for our cousin's 6th birthday. So, needless to say, Alec was the oldest "kid" at the party. He war surrounded by mostly squealing 5 and 6 year old girls and their smaller, squealing brothers and sisters - including his own. Evidently while he was sitting at the table a smaller little girl couldn't see and he turned around, moved from his chair to another and then helped her get situated so she could see the blowing out of candles. I wasn't aware that any of this had occurred until a woman approached me and asked if I was "that young man's mother?" Yes - I said. And then she proceeded to tell me what a very polite young man he was. I asked what had happened and she explained the entire scene to me and went on to tell me that her Siciliy (the little girl in question's name) now thought that he was the cutest boy she'd ever seen.

It all made me smile and made my day. There are moments that you feel like you have utterly failed as a parent and then there are moments like this. And these are the ones that make you feel like maybe - just maybe you didn't raise a serial killer but possible a contributing member of society; or better yet, a good, solid young man.

Today is Sunday and that means another Shop Your House day. I'm linked up with Kendall over at Finesse Your Nest again. I did not get the projects I "shopped" and found last week done because the weather has conspired against me and my spray paint as it has snowed again off and on all week. So instead I shopped again yesterday, this time in the basement, and uncovered a couple more treasures! Here goes:

I found these tin squares and painted the top and bottom one a red color that we had left over from when we painted the dining room. They were just sitting in our basement waiting on a home. The one in the middle is actually made of wood and I had snatched it up at a thrift store about 2 months ago. I didn't have a place to put it yet but I rearranged the living room and voila! a spot for it!
OK - also this black stand and green bamboo I confiscated from the dining room and moved it to this corner in the living room. I think it works better in here and I like the pop of green over in this corner. 

Then I found this old mirror. I bought it several years ago at a thrift store and I've had it sitting in the basement ever since because I didn't know exactly where I wanted it to go. It is now living in the Dining Room. I want to do more old mirrors in here and this is the beginning. 

Another shot of the mirror - just closer up and you can also see some of the Dining Room in the reflection. 
That's it for me. Hope everyone has a good Valentines. Hug your peeps!


  1. Hey Kathleen.
    I like your new accessories, but that mirror is my absolute fave. It is so cool! I like arrangements of mirrors some people do. That would be a very neat collection.


  2. You were busy this weekend girl, sickness and all! I'm now fighting a cold, but pushing through and trying to get some stuff done. I absolutely love those 3 wall decor pieces. They are that perfect Indian-funky feel that I love! The round mirror looks great too! What else ya got in that basement?!

    Thanks for linking up to "Shop the House Sunday"

    And finally, are you going to the reunion? Those things are usually not my style, but may just have to come if you're going. Would love to see you and meet the kiddos.

  3. Kendall - I might go. If you are going then I will. Honestly I'm terrified of facing all my "friends" - especially with the issues with my face now. That is totally my issue but, well, it panics me. I would go though if I could hang with you! :)

    I have some great stuff in the basement. Seriously - and no room to put it in YET!!! Sorry I'm not around today either - our heater died earlier today. :( I need a break!!!