Friday, February 5, 2010

Feed Good Fridays

I'm going to designate Friday as the day I'm going to post about things that make me happy. Hopefully the list will be a fairly long one - but if not always, then that is OK too.

Lots of Mommy Braggin Going On

Max is potty training. Yes, indeedy, he is. AND whatsmore he is having SUCCESS at it. He filled in all the squares on Thursday on his success chart and started on Friday - yesterday. He got his SuperWhy potty prize. Today he has filled in all the squares for today and has earned his next potty prize - an Art Easel. He is going into the bathroom on his own when the timer goes off, getting undressed, and using the potty and then coming to get me to show me. I'm so proud of him.

Max also slept in his bed ALL NIGHT last night; no trips to mom and dads bed. When he got up this morning, at 7am, he came in and got in bed with me and said 2 things. The first was, "Mama - I slept in my bed all night!!!" I said, "I KNOW! I'm so PROUD of you!" And the next thing he said was, "MAMA I DIDN'T PEE IN MY DIAPER!" I said, "I KNOW! OMGOSH! You are SO AWESOME! OK, let's go potty!!!" And we did. And he didn't put up a fight. And it was most awesome.

Pip is sitting up all the time now. She doesn't topple much unless she is trying to reach something or her brother knocks her over.

She isn't crawling yet but she is on the verge. LOTS of up on the knees rocking and sometimes, accidentally, inching forward. So anytime really.

Also she does this tongue thing which is just hysterical to me. When she is concentrating or working hard at something she sticks her tongue STRAIGHT out. Remember how Michael Jordan would have his tongue sticking out when he'd make a slam dunk? Yep - just like that.

Alec is awesome. He is having attitude at times but really not so very much. For a 12 year old in the midst of puberty he is not much trouble.

He is a VERY good person and a wonderful, loving soul. He always has been. I don't have words for how much I love that young man. And he *is* a young man now. He is damn near as tall as me. His feet are a size larger than mine now (and I'm a women's 7 1/2) and his voice cracks pretty often these days.

I swear to God just the other day he was 3.
Just the other day

All stuff about Me

I had Acupuncture a couple of days ago, I talk about that over here, and since then I have felt great.

The sounds of Loreena McKennitt waft through my home again. I have missed her sorely. I also have some Nag Champa burning. I have a white candle lit. The sun is shining. I am beginning to feel like mySelf again. That in itself is a Wonderful Thing.

Here's where I go all Crafty on you

I have managed to do a few crafty things this past week. Here are some pictures - they are not big deals but it gives me a creative outlet and makes me happy.

First I made some Jute twine balls *snicker* (I know, mentally I'm 12)
Anywho - I got the idea from Kendall at Finesse your Nest and these are how mine turned out.

They are just Styrofoam balls wrapped in Jute Twine and hot glue. Really easy to do (took me like 10 minutes total) and cheap (!) and, I think, very cute.

I also wrapped a cool shaped, empty, clean olive oil bottle with Jute twine and filled up some old bottles (that were in our basement when we moved in and I wouldn't part with them) with wine bottle corks. I keep all the corks from the wine we drink, and have for 6 years now, and I put them in these old bottles. I like how it turned out.

The Jute twine balls *snicker* turned out so cute that I decided to attempt some others. I made wrapped one tennis ball in Raffia.

And another tennis ball wrapped in plain white rope.

I didn't have enough rope but I wrapped it until I ran out. I will finish this when I get some more because I LOVE how it turned out. I am digging the texture of it.

So that's it for today. My first Feel Good Friday. What kinds of things do you guys Feel Good about today????


  1. I like your jute and rope balls. So much that I found an old styrofoam ball and wrapped it!

    Thanks for the inspiration...


  2. Oh I love all the balls you made- they look so good bundled together in your bowl- I think my fave is the raffia one!

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  4. Ok - first of all - YAAAA I inspired someone! This feels AWESOME! And secondly - THANKS you guys! Kendall from Finesse Your Nest if an old High School friend of mine and she is just too crafty. These little balls are soooo very cute AND they were SUPER easy! I'm going to make some more - I am really liking the different sizes and different textures. They look good with our decor now but a secondary perk is that I think the light colors will look good when I *lighten* up my decor *this Spring)with more pops of white and cream!

  5. Hi, I'm visiting from Finesse Your Nest. I'm glad you had fun wrapping your items in jute and raffia. They look nice. And thanks for the idea of using the tennis ball - styrofoam gets expensive.

  6. Kim! OMG - I go to your site I'm so excited you stopped by my new little blog! *squeal*
    And yep - actually they were little dog toy tennis balls - 2 for $1 at our Homeland. :)

  7. Gheez, I really have missed out! Thanks for the shout out on my balls (get your mind out of the gutter, girl!) I love how yours turned out AND I love the tennis ball idea. I have a ton of ratty tennis balls. Why didn't I think of this?! You go crafty mama!

    Okay, you're freaking me out with your Indian/Celtic obsessions! I love Nag Champa incense. My husband calls me a "toker" when I burn it. He hates it! And Lorena McKennit are you kidding me? All Soul's Night is one of my fave songs. PERIOD. I've been listening to some Wicca (yea...I said Wicca!) music that my Sis-in-law turned us onto. Going to have to look up some of the artists and send them to you. Really cool stuff and has that Celtic feel (and if you play it backwards you'll go stab your neighbor with a stick you whittle ito a shank....just kidding).

  8. Okay, I did a special post featuring your balls!(bahahahaha). Go check it out under today's date!