Thursday, February 11, 2010

That "to do" list is daunting

Ever feel like you have so many things you have to get done that you just want to give up? Anyone? Please tell me it is not just me. Because I feel like that today.

I have the regular housework that needs doing: cleaning the kitchen, doing some laundry, and your basic dusting of the house. In addition I also have several crafty projects I would like to get too, two blogs to work on, 3 articles to write, an area rug to thoroughly clean (a doggie mishap *sigh*), I would like to rearrange my living room, and I have another Acupuncture appointment this afternoon.

It all just feels like TOO much to me today.

So I'm going to do the one thing that always helps me focus; I'm going to make a list. Eat the elephant one bit at a time - right? Something about making a list and then crossing items off that list helps. I get a sense of accomplishment every time I get to strike through cross something off and whittle the list down a bit.

Getting organized is one of my resolutions. I actually don't like to call it that because I feel like we are so accustomed to breaking 'resolutions' that it becomes easy to disregard. So instead I will say that getting organized is one of my continuing life choices. I'm making a choice to get myself more organized thus making the rest of my life easier. I hope. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

And now that I've brought up organization - that is another thing on my list. I need to organize the basement. All of my Christmas stuff just got thrown down there after New Years and I haven't gotten back down there to finish "fixing" it.

The list just keeps getting longer. I am not intimidated. I will conquer this list before it's reinforcements of tomorrow's 'to-do' list show up.

OK - enough talking about doing it - I'm off to do the actual doing.

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  1. yanno I have started making lists too and it does seem to help me...except i also often loose said list LOL