Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl, Kids, and Shopping the House

We had a nice, lazy day today. We hung out, played a lot, and made a bunch of yummy food. Max continues to rock on the potty training, in fact he has filled in his potty chart completely and I am VERY proud of him.

Mommy Stuff
First of all - some pictures of the cuties I took today.

Our youngest - Piper - our little girl. She changes every single day. These days she is sitting up and working hard at crawling.

Then, our *middle* child  Max. He is a handful and then some.

And, our oldest, Alec. He is SO grown up now. Please excuse the hair - it needs to be cut but he is liking it long. There are worse things and I am SO not sweating it. It's a small thing - you know?


We made some yummy food today to munch on while watching the Superbowl. We made a Calzone from leftover Chicken Parmesian, Brats, Guacamole and chips, Brownies and Ice Cream. Max helped me "make" all of it.
Shop the House
And inspired by Kendall over at Finesse your Nest - during all that I went "shopping" in my house. Actually, I went shopping out in the garage.

I found an old magazine stand/table that belonged to my Grandparents. 
Literally 12 years ago I spray painted it Off-White and used it for awhile then stored it away. It is still Off-White but I have some plans for it that involve glaze. I'll get back to you on this once it's done.

I located the art easel that was Alec's when he was 3. Yes, I've drug it around and kept it all these years (Alec is 12). It needs a bit of refurbishing and it will be Max's. There are times it is good to be a pack-rat.

And LOOK what I found. 

Do you see those? They are old windows and they still have the glass in them. There are big, plain ones and some that have a small pattern along the sides. PSYCHED about these. No idea what I"m doing to do with them yet - but I'm excited. It usually begins this way....excitement.

So that was my Sunday and what I found when I "shopped" my house. I'll be working on these projects in the coming days (as long as the kids cooperate) and I'll be posting updates!!!


  1. That magazine rack is cool. And the windows; the possibilities are endless with them. Have fun!


  2. Love your photos and the magazine rack is cool. I'd hang it on the wall and put photos of the kids on and white.

  3. Thanks you guys! I'm excited. The husband is skeptical - as always. He is an engineer so "vision" is not his strongpoint. ;) He has to travel for work this week...which is when I usually get all my redecorating/rearranging done! Will post more pics when it's all finished!

  4. Kath -- Those babies are growing up so fast! Love the updated pics. And let Alec grow his hair long. I've let my boys do it a couple of times and they live with it for awhile and then buzz it off. I actually like long hair on boys. You found some treasures there in your garage. Can't wait to see them transformed, especially the windows!