Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quandries and Give-Aways!

What's a girl to do? I have several painting projects that I would like to get underway but they all require me to be able to spray paint them and that requires that I be outside to do it. It is only in the 30's here and that, according to the can, is too cold to effectively use said spray paint. *hmph* I checked the weather and it says that we won't have temps in the 50's until Saturday and 50's, according to the paint can, is the coolest it can be for the paint to adhere correctly. *sigh*

So here is what I have planned to work on this week if the weather holds:


First, the table/magazine stand that I found during my shopping the house expedition. I am going to get it cleaned up, put a coat of Almond Satin spray paint over it, sand it and rough it up a bit, and then go over it with a dark brown glaze to age it. Hopefully it will turn out well. I'll post pictures either way.

Second, I have these 2 small mirrors that are currently an ugly cross between brass and gold. I'm going to spray paint them a silver Nickel and then go over them with the dark brown glaze too. I'm actually going for more of a "champagne" finish on these. But since I can't find a champagne finish spray paint I thought I'd try the brown glaze of the top of silver and just see how it turns out. I'll post pics of those too when they are done.

Thrift Storing

Tomorrow I'm taking Max into Norman to go to Mother's Day Out and that means that Miss Pip and I get to go cruise the thrift stores. WOOT! Nothing gets me more excited than a good thrift store outing! I'm searching for old mirrors but who knows what else I'll find. Maybe some cool fabric, baskets, or a nice old piece of furniture? What I love about thrift stores is the possibilities they hold. I like finding something that has been discarded and giving it a purpose again; a new lease on life; a second chance. That speaks to me.

The Husband is Out of Town 

And you know what that means; it is time to rearrange the furniture! HA! Poor guy - he never knows what he will find whenever he has to go away for his job for a few days. *giggle* I usually do things like this when he leaves. It gives me more time to move everything back to where it was if it looks terrible tweak what I've done! I took pictures today of what I'm dealing with in my living room and I'll post them IF the furniture arrangement scheme works out. The problem is that my living room is it's real long and skinny - a rectangley bowling alley shape and it makes me crazy because I can never seem to get the furniture placement *right*.

In the Mean Time

My son, Alec, who is 12 came home from school today in a funk. When I finally got him to tell me what was going on it turns out that a "friend" of his made a joke about me at recess. I have Bell's Palsy and I talk about that over here at my personal blog. I hate that I have this but there isn't anything I can do about it that I haven't already done or am currently doing. It just *is* right now. But his little buddy thought it would be cute to turn it into a joke and that hurt Alec and embarrassed him terribly. He was/is really angry. I'm not sure what to do without making the situation worse - but I guess I just want to ask - why do 12 year olds have to be so nasty? I can take it but why does that little asshat have to do that to my son??? Oh how I dislike middle school aged children...(other than my own, of course.)

And now...the Good Stuff aka a Give - Away!!!

I'm going to link up to a cool blog called Drab to Fab that is having a fabulous give-away! Go here to read all about it, and enter to win 3 different things! YA for fun give-aways!

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