Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trying to figure this stuff out

So I got a Picasa account today so that I could post pictures on it without it being the death of me. Let's see if I can manage that, shall we?

The last time we talked Piper looked like this.

Now she looks like this. And yes, that is black marker all over the side of her face.

And Max was a lot smaller too.

Well, this was him then.

And the Max Man now. Faux Hawk and all.

Alec is now and "official" teenager.

My Alec at twelve.

My Alec (and Max) now. He's 14.

When did they grow up? I blinked and they were all big. And I am so proud of them and heartbroken all at the same time. But its a good kinda heartbreak. I am so, so blessed.       :)

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