Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

So, I'm on this UPcycling/recycling kick and I'm trying to extend that to every part of my life - including cooking. Fact is we spend too damn much money on groceries and we throw out too damn much stuff. No more. Last night I looked in the fridge and we had no less than 6 containers of leftovers just sitting and literally going to waste. I thought of what all I had, some leftover taco meat, leftover roasted potatoes, leftover green beans - then I looked down and saw my HUGE bag of Kale that I use when I make my juices and I got inspired.

I made a homemade vegetable soup - using mostly leftovers and ONLY things I already had HERE in the house.

I grabbed some beef broth and tossed it in the pot, followed by some chopped red onion, and a couple of cans of water. I set all of that to boiling with a little kosher salt and pepper. Then I threw in a can of diced tomatoes - but any tomatoey-something would work - like stewed tomatoes or even tomato sauce! Then I added the taco meat, the green beans, about half the roasted potatoes, half of a fresh zuchini - chopped, one carrot - chopped, one stalk of celery - chopped, a handful of chopped Kale and some garlic powder and I let it all boil. Then I turned it down to a simmer and let it cook for almost an hour.

Oh.MY.gawd. It was really, REALLY good. 

Every bite had a TON of veggies in it and there was just enough meat to give it a little flavor. 
So good. And healthy. 

Upcycling from the fridge - I'm going to *try* to make this a weekly entry and habit!

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