Monday, January 30, 2012

Hallway project

I've been in love with all those pictures of women's hallways that have beautiful, gallery looking photo display walls of the children/family. I've also really liked the photos of walls that were all done in letters and initials. So I had this idea...and a long hallway...why not combine the two looks I like so much?

I started gathering up photos of all of us and printing them off or transferring them to black and white and printing them off. Then putting them all in black frames. A good many of these frames were NOT black to begin with - a good many of them were assorted colors and purchased at goodwill, thrift stores, and garage sales and none of them were more than $1 tops. I simply spray painted them flat black and added our pictures.

I also started collecting letters of all our first names and one "V" for our last name. These I spray painted either Black or Antique White. Well, all except the "K" and that is because it was a gift and was already a beautiful patina'd copper.

So I got all my items lined up and started placing them along the wall. This took some time to get the arrangement and placement right. But I did and now I"m really happy with it.


And from the other side of the hallway.

And my little display in the center.

Don't be afraid! If there is something out there you like - DO IT! Take a risk! Love your house! 
And UPcycle every chance you get!

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