Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm alive

I'm alive and here and in a much better place mentally. All the stuff surrounding the healthcare bill was not healthy for me and I needed to not be on the computer. Seriously.

I am, a very opinionated pre-existing condition because of all my medical stuff, right in the middle of the debate and I am not able to emotionally remove myself from it. I take it personally because, well, it IS personal to me. It is my very life and well being and I, as well as 32 million other Americans, needed this bill to pass. I'm not going to say much else about that here because this blog is my happy place and all that crap rhetoric is like quicksand for my mental state. If you want to read my thoughts on that - check out my other blog. I'm going to unload a bunch over there later this week regarding health care. But not here. This blog is for my kids, my craft stuff and my attempts at cheaply decorating our money pit continually renovated home. In other words, only things that lift my spirit and make me smile are allowed.

So on that note - I'm back and I'll be uploading some pics later of some projects I've been working on. AND I've made progress with the dining room issue. More to come on that too.

Today it is supposed to be 74 degrees. The sun is out and, for a change, the wind is not gusting up to 50 miles per hour. I'm going to be outside with the kids today. :) That is a great thing. Springtime - it's very nice to have you back - I've missed you.

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