Tuesday, March 30, 2010

If you can't beat'em

join'em. Right?

I've been slowly re-vamping Max's room. It was fine but it needed some finessing. SO I've been slowly but surely doing that over the last few months. It is a process. Just when I think I've got it right - he grows up a little more.

Please excuse the first two pictures - I had to import those in from photobucket and I have no idea how to resize them. *blush*
This was his room as an infant



Then he got into his toddler phase and the changing table came out - replaced with a shelf for all his toys - and his room looked like this

As you walk in - facing South
Corner of his room - facing Southwest
Windows - facing West
 Chest of Drawers between door and closet - facing North
Crib - facing East
Rug in front of his crib - I loved this rug.

But he was getting older and I was pregnant with Piper so we decided it was time to take the crib out and replace it with a big boy toddler bed. 

So then this was his room

Bed - looking in from the door
Shelf - South wall
North wall - chest of drawers

But it still wasn't right. I wasn't happy with it yet.
So I added a different rug
Liking it better. And some doodads on his wood crates - so from this
to this
Those are squares I spray painted with chalk board paint and the little buttons are stickers from Michael's clearance bin. They were 50 cents for a pack of 28.
up close
excuse the smudge on the chalk - I was being assaulted by a toddler and a baby at the time!
North wall - chest of drawers - much happier with this
West wall - new window treatments and a chalkboard/easel
Max and his bed - spray painted some wood blocks dark brown and added them to his wall
Other side of his wall - more blocks and his name - Alec's art is hung in the center

And that was all well and good and then Max did THIS to his wall *sigh*
Here he is posing with it - he was very proud of it *sigh*
So I did this
You can buy these at Home Depot and they are $10. They are peel and stick vinyl dry erase boards. These are dots but they have all shapes and colors.
And I added another chalk board
Hopefully he'll use the structures I've given him and give our walls a rest!

His room is pretty much done. I'm happy with it. For now.

On to the next room...the dining room.

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