Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's try this again

I'm back. Again. Ya, I know. I was back before and then I wasn't. Again. But this time - I really am back. I am once again, a SAHM, and I do have some time now to DO this blogging thing. Again. And I'm fully committed.

I have a series of projects that I would like to accomplish this year and I feel like charting them all out here in this blog will help me stay on top of things. At least that's what I keep telling myself. It's realistic - right?


I'll ignore the silence.

So starting THIS weekend I am doing a project. What IS the project you ask? Well, I plan on revamping the kid's closet into a play space just for Piper. In 2012 I DID get the little ones into the same room in bunk beds. And that has been ok. If you don't count all the nights they didn't actually go to sleep until 11pm because they keep each other up. And somewhat entertained. But I digress. Their bedroom is small, at best. And there is not just a lot of extra room in there. The one shelf I have room for is taken up completely with all things Max. Think Nerf guns. The kid has a Nerf arsenal in there. I'm not kidding. So Pip needs a space that is hers for all her girly things and babies. And she has a lot of both.

Also, truth is we don't use that closet much - mostly because all their things are in front of it because the room is small and there is no ROOM in there. Things are always in front of the door and it has become a PITA to open the closet door. It is really just wasted real estate and we can't afford to have wasted real estate around here. SO, this weekend, the door is coming off the closet, I'm dragging everything out and re-organizing all of it and putting it back together as a girly-spectacular space.

I'll post pics as we get into it!

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